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December 12, 2006


Hermione Watanabe

Great post and I'm off to check the magazine out. Weird choice of name considering the strength of the (brand?) Pink Pound but hey! You might be interested to know that The Money Gym Club is sponsoring a series of networking / learning events for business women in Second Life, starting on 5th May. Events will be held every week at 11am SLT / PST, which is 1pm EST/6pm GMT, a time we hope is convenient for all RL and SL business women. Featuring a series of high profile and successful business women in SL, topics covered will reflect those taught by The Money Gym Club; Business, Property, Stockmarket and Internet Marketing - what we call the Four Lanes of the Wealth Superhighway. Hope you can come and if you would like to speak, just contact Hermione Watanabe in-world. Warm Regards, H

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