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October 18, 2006




I'm so glad you wrote this. As someone who has gotten to know you, I think you are one of the most compassionate, feeling, kind, and smart people I've ever known. I think you're willing to give that to others, and now you just need to learn to give it to yourself. I'm very proud to call you friend.


Jann: As always, you are tooooo kind! You have given Lynn and me stability thru the years, being the honest one! Lord, knows what "big house" we might be in if we didn't have you keeping us on the straight and narrow! Well,most of the time anyway! Not many women have true friends that would do anything for each other and I am ashamed that we do not see and do things together as we used to. But, I am warm in the thought that any one of us could call the others, and there would not be a moments hesitation for whatever was needed. We have had our trials and tribulations with our lives/familys.work,etc. and know there will be further ones...but I cherish both of you and know we can and will make it thru life together. Just wish we could agree on the nursing home we're going to terrorize!! xox

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