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September 10, 2006


Mike Cook

I was honored and humbled by the review of THRIVE you've included on your site. I also love your site, it has the sort of irreverent feel and humorous outlook that smack loudly of a passionate quest for lives that feel alive. Life is far too precious and precarious to live it doing anything but what you love and that's the commitment I recognize in the background of just about every word on the site.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your readership.


i came upon your site by following links from some of my favorite bloggers. after reading some of your posts, i feel like i was led here! the thoughts expressed in your posts echo my thoughts/feelings of late (but your words are much more eloquent :P). i was just beginning to wonder if i was the only one and now i know i'm not. thank you! i look forward to reading more!

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