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Great book review!! I just got another book, but luckily my husband didn't take it. My kids really want me to read it - it's about how kids learn with video games

Nancy E. Schwartz

With you Michele and Beth. Made to Stick simply sticks, hard. From the cover design -- complete with duct tape -- to its succinct approach to conveying only the most critical content.

Most critically, communicators have to beware the Curse of Knowledge. Heath Brothers tell more how to stay away, summarized in my review at

michael gibbons

Michele, nice to see you next to me in the Carnival! This book has some profound insights especially for non-profit messaging! Congrats and nice to meet you! The cotton candy is on me!

Giana Forzareli

Beth, you should check out some of Bandura's social learning theory when you start reading that book on kids and video games. I will have to check out Made to Stick, it looks like a very interesting read. Oh by the way, this site is very nice. It is a very professional web design. Kudos on the review and site.

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