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Looking forward with baited breath to Part Five. In the meantime, I'd like to share some thought and experience from the gaming world that add another dimension to this whole evolution of community from connectivity to production.

Jane McGonigal, game designer and "flash mob" player, is evolving a theory of "more, more, massively more." Based on experiential evidence, Jane shows us that a community can move rapidly from virtual connectivity to action in the real world.

Jane recounts four experiments wherein anywhere from 300 to over 4000 people -- "most of whom had never previously met or communicated" -- assisted by Web2.0 tools collaboratively coordinated a synchronous real-world action within a period of two weeks. Ok, sure, they did things like whirl around together on the same street corner when the lights changed. But -- the dramatic point is Web2.0 tools accelerated the evolution from mere "hubs" of connectivity to a massive community taking action that impacted the physical world.

Jane tells us that this massive mobilization is possible because it is FUN!
More pleasure.
More emergence.
More superpower.

You can read more about what I think about what Jane thinks and how it applies to nonprofit social entrepreneurs making a learning game together to solve the mystery of earned income profitability at:
You can read more about what Jane thinks at:

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