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pam ashlund

Good Post! Before we can adopt best practices, we need to define them; not just in general, but best practices for the nonprofit sector and to our sub-section in particular. There's a lot being done now in this area.

One other thought: just like "innovation" isn't limited to technology, "best practices" aren't all about technology.
I am fascinated by the whole issue of measurement and effectiveness in nonprofits and write about it in my blog

Michele Martin

You're absolutely right, Pam, that this is about more than technology. If you read Rimmer's article, he talks quite a bit about the way that mindsets and management practices need to change in order to really adapt to new flat world realities. Technology is a facilitator of interactions. It can automate and connect and make time for us to concentrate on the content of what we're doing. But the processes and thinking about how we do business need to change for it all to work.

Thanks for the comment!

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