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Brent MacKinnon

Hi, I'm thrilled to have found your blog and I am going to be a steady visitor and contributor as and where I can. I am leading/coordinating a community of practice initiative and I am setting up a blog within my organizations web site. I will have a wiki for our Community of practice participants. We are practitioners from diverse sectors (mental health, educators, outreach/crisis etc) working with youth who are experiencing poverty and homelessness and our "learning community" is designed to create new skills/strategies and more effective programming so youth will have more relevant opportunities to be engaged in the community and have livelihoods to support themselves. The challenges I face in setting up our public blog are are significant because I'm looking at utilizing many web 2.0 tools however my organization is immersed (and liking) a very conservative donor focussed web site. I will be looking for ideas and even just a sounding board.
Brent MacKinnon,
Program Manager,
Street Kids International

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