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December 16, 2006


Craig Harper

Great Post Jann!

In love your blog.

"I believe peoples lives and habits are a disaster largely because of the decisions they have and haven't made, and the things they have and haven't done."

It's about choices.

"If you decide to do different, think different, react different, eat different, live different and communicate different.... you'll be different."


"But creating your best life has nothing to do with destiny... and everything to do with decisions."

People sprinkle conversations with terms like destiny, fate, chance and luck, so they don't actually have to take responsiblity for their reality.

Keep up the great writing guys!

Barbara Payne

Wonderful post. Yes, Craig, it takes decisions. But first the heart must heal itself enough to give the brain the impetus and the will power to work this hard. It's love that heals. It's love that gives us the strength we need to make good decisions. Destiny hands us circumstances; sometimes part of those circumstances is living the tough life that comes from bad choices--that's what happens for many people who've been emotionally starved from an early age. Compassion is one of the greatest of virtues; gratitude is one of the greatest healing emotions. But when you've had a really tough beginning in life, those are the very qualities you must teach yourself to feel--first for yourself, and then for others.

Have a beautiful Christmas, Michele and Jann. Thanks for the great post.


The story is online here:


Thinking or believing has nothing to do with changing any habit period. The reason is the two minds humans have do not talk to each other and they have different purposes. That is why you can provide all the information in the world to someone and they will still do what their habits dictate. But change their habit and their thinking also changes.

Two examples; One is the current eating problems in the US. With all the information on eating you would think it would be easy the change ones eating habit. But the fact says otherwise. The second example is women in an abuse relationship will quite often not leave. Both of these point out that information will not change behavior even if the current environment is destructive. Information will generally not change a habit nor will wishful thinking or hoping.

Habits are changed by doing not by thinking.

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